10 Careers You Can Make As A Graphic Designer

Graphic designing has emerged as one of the most lucrative career options in present times. The rise of the web and the electronic media has opened new avenues for Graphic designers.  Graphic designing courses in Kolkata will help you to gain knowledge and obtain the desired skills to start your career as a Graphic designer.

  1. Career in designing industry- If you are enthusiastic about a career in fashion or interior design skills in graphic designing will help you get in there. Due to the emergence of the electronic media having a zest for trends do not help all the time. The designing industry today demands a keen eye for detail along with artistic flair and knowledge of graphics. A Graphic designing background can actually help you pursue your dream career in the designing industry.

 2. Software knowledge- Graphic designers require having knowledge on various software such as Adobe, Photoshop, Corel draw, Illustrator etc. Graphic designing courses in Kolkata will help you gain knowledge on various software which have different utility thus enhancing your knowledge on multimedia.

 3. Websites and User Interface- With emergence of e-commerce and online media the companies and organizations are working to enhance their online presence. They tend to hire graphic designers to improve the look of their websites and to make them more user friendly. It is very important for websites to look catchy and be free of glitches for maintaining the online traffic. Knowledge and skills in graphics will help you get hired by a company which wants to improve its online traffic and user interface.

  1. Advertising and marketing- The presence of online and digital media in modern times has pushed companies and organizations to increase their online presence. These companies have switched to digital forms of advertising and marketing for which they require expert graphic designers to work on their digital marketing platforms and make them more attractive. Thus knowledge in graphic designing can help you make a career in advertising and digital marketing.
  1. Blogging- The rise of digital and online marketing has led to the rise of blogging as one of the most soughted professions these days. There are full time bloggers who show a glimpse of their personal lives on their blogs. There are personal blogs on literally everything these days and knowledge of graphics can help you to open your own blog easily. The basic knowledge of graphics is helpful for you while preparing your blog posts, editing images, preparing layouts and so on. If you have a background in graphic designing it will help you make your blog posts quirk and edgy and attract more traffic to your blog.
  1. Social media strategist- Social media is all about enhancing your online presence for which various videos, images and graphics are used. A social media strategist is hired to improve online interaction and marketing with respective clients. Many companies prefer social media strategists with knowledge of graphics as well. Various kinds of graphic designing courses in Kolkata will improve your knowledge about graphic designing and help you make a career as social media strategist.
  1. Packaging and product design- There is also scope for graphic designers in packaging and product merchandising industry. Some companies may hire graphic designers simply to design their product packages and give them an attractive look. If you are interested in making a career in packaging industry you should take up graphic designing courses in Kolkata.
  1. Visual merchandising- Visual merchandisers are required for most product industries to enhance the product images and display. It plays an important role in the marketing of products and goods. People from graphic designing background are preferred by most companies as merchandisers. The best graphic designing courses in Kolkata provide an insight of the various skills required to be an expert in this domain.
  1. Publishing industry- Along with digital media there is utility of graphics in print media also. Therefore the publishing industry these days demands more graphic designers. A course in graphics will pave your way to make your career in the publishing industry.
  1. Freelancing- Today people with knowledge of graphics are required by people in the media, designing, packaging, film, advertising and many more industries. The amalgamation of art and digital media has made the job of graphic designers essential in most industries. Thus if you have a flair for art and creativity getting a professional degree in graphic design would be greatly beneficial if you want to be a freelancer. Potential clients would be reaching out to you with their requirements if they like your work and you can earn on your own instead of being hired under an organization.

Thus we see that knowledge of graphics is required in both digital and print media. Graphic designing has a wide diaspora of concepts each having a different utilization. With the emergence of the web and e-commerce the scope of graphic designing has increased in modern times. Companies are spending huge amount on developing their websites and improving their online presence. Graphic designers are also being hired by organizations for enhancing social media strategy and for advertising and marketing. Freelance graphic designers are also hired by bloggers and media people. A course in graphic designing in Kolkata will give you an insight on various graphic skills and also you can learn the necessary software which is important for image editing and visual merchandising. If you are living locally you should definitely opt for one of the best graphic designing courses in Kolkata.

Knowledge in graphics will help you make a career as designer, merchandiser, blogger or even freelancer. Graphic designing has widespread utility in recent times therefore one should definitely opt for a course on Graphic designing. It will open your avenues for finding your suitable career or for freelancing or your own start up.

Graphic designing institutes in Kolkata have counselors to guide you about the course details and most institutes would also be providing the course materials. There are a wide range of courses to select from depending on your experience and requirements.

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