5 Advanced SEO Techniques to Enhance your Search Traffic

So, you have your very own web page but optimizing it on a search engine is giving you sleepless nights?

HubSpot found, that 80% of the total web traffic starts with a search engine. Surprised, huh? Well time, to stop gawking and start optimizing your web page in the most popular search engines.

Search Engine optimization, essentially means improving your search rankings, which would also mean double the search traffic. This point, to the fact, that you must have a good understanding and a proper research about Search Engine Techniques.

Today every little thing we do, first go into the query box of the search engine. Neil Patel opines that every day, people use Google to conduct over 3.5 billion searches. So don’t you think that putting your precious web page, out in the web market and being bombarded (in a good way) by traffic, would require a lot more than a knowledge of simple SEO techniques.

So let’s brace ourselves and learn about some pretty cool Advanced SEO techniques that are going to make your web page, top the search engine lists.

  1. Auditing or simply extensively checking and reviewing your website or web page, will help you understand the reason behind the less number of visitors. So, basically auditing is a “growth hacking technique that will help you to attract and retain customers”.

Thus, if your page is optimized in accordance with SEO keywords, if you webpage URL is short, sweet and simple, if your web page is properly formatted :- let’s cut it short and say if you have audited and maximized your overall site performance, your web page will definitely be within the first few search results of a search engine.

  1. Know what your Users want. SEO is not an all-out technical term. Finding out what your users desire and are looking for, is the mantra of you should religiously follow.

Hence, know your target audience, shape your content in accordance to their needs and, master your optimizing techniques based on it and you will soon find that your web page has become the most popular, among web users.

  1. Being mobile friendly is another brilliant technique to enlarge your visitor base.

Mobile phones have become inseparable from our daily lives. More than desktops and laptops, this pocket-friendly portable device is something that almost dominates the digital world. So, make sure your web page is designed to enhance its usability on mobile phones.

Remember, the various search engines that you are aiming at, to optimize your search results, always boosts organic search result rankings of websites that are mobile friendly.

  1. If you have existing content online, that has previously received a lot of traffic, make sure to update your old content to keep your popularity going.

Various search engines totally loves up-to date content and hence, such content are always on the first page of the search results. By up-to date it is not always meant brand new. It could also mean a revamping of your old articles like adding new data, restructuring your introduction and conclusion, putting in a new design. Because, this simple step of staying up to date, could effectively give your rivals a tough competition.

  1. The Social media should be your best friend. Optimizing your web page should and definitely so, include your over-powering presence in the social media. Use the social media to gain popularity and traffic.

Use this technique to build your traffic, both in widely used social networking sites, but also in more authoritative social media sites that will give you the golden chance of not only improving your search rankings, but also helping you with a considerable amount of traffic.

Thus, by using these 5 increasingly helpful advanced SEO techniques your web page can easily be among the top searched pages in search tips.

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