5 Celebrated Graphic Designers you should know by Heart

You are aspiring, to become the next big Graphic Designer.

You have honed your designing skills, you always keep your tricks and tweaks ready as a designer, but what is amiss, is your knowledge, about the most talked about graphic designers in the world.

This is where you lose out on the “x-factor” that makes a super Graphic Designer.

Graphic designing or communication designing is the portrayal of ideas and experiences through visual and textual content.

But who gives true meaning to graphic designing? It’s the Graphic designers who really are the most important in the realm of Graphic designing.

So get yourselves ready because it’s time to know about 5 of the most celebrated graphic designers that’s going to solidify your foundations as a graphic designer.

  1. Rob Janoff – Rob Janoff should be no stranger to you, irrespective of whether you are a graphic designer or not. For a simple reason that he is the one, who designed the world famous, Apple logo. The legendary ‘bitten apple’ that dominates the digital realm today, was a ‘no brainer’, says Janoff.  With its simplicity and longevity, Rob Janoff showed the world how smart Graphic designing can rule the world.

  1. Kate Moross– Creative director of Moross Studios, Kate Moross, is one of the most sought after Graphic Designer, in London. Her trademark “typography and energetic, fluid drawing” pattern has won hearts in the world of designing and outside it. She has since then created a number of album covers, magazine covers, videos, live visuals etc.

  1. Saul Brass– If you are familiar with Alfred Hitchcock movies, then you are probably familiar with Saul Brass, the mastermind behind most of Hitchcock’s famous movie opening sequences designs. Being one of the most iconic designers of the 20th century, Brass’s work as a Graphic designer has included logo designing, poster designing, film title designing so on and so forth.

  1. Chip Kidd- Chip Kidd is one of the most creative Graphic designers’ around. Based in New York, Kidd has presented the world with an array of brilliant designs, most notable being his book jackets for the influential publishing house Alfred A.Knopf. One of his most known designs has been the Jurassic Park movie poster that is celebrated throughout the world.

  1. Milton Glaser – Simplicity, structured, clarity and ubiquitous is how you can define American Graphic designer Milton Glaser’s designs. His most famous designs include ‘I (heart) NYC’ logo and his psychedelic Bob Dylan Poster. Glaser was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2009. His work is and has always been, a huge source of influence for graphic designers.

Therefore, these are some of the names, you must know by heart while mastering the skills of Graphic designing.

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