5 types of Social Media Networks to Digest

Social Media today has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. There are very few people today in the world who do not have a social media presence.

The Internet has created a Global village was what Marshall McLuhan had stated- the emergence of Social Media has made this global village all the tighter.

So what you know is that when you are launching a business:-for making that business a success you have to have a quality presence in the Social Media. That’s basically your one stop to success.  What you also know is that social media obviously brings people closer and helps in tightly knitting the world into a cluster.

Therefore, knowing about the types of Social Media Networks is more necessary than ever. Just think about it, social media today has become literally essential for our survival, hence having a solid knowledge base about it types must also spell a lot of importance.

Let’s go over some of the types of social media networks and make those gray cells of yours digest these names so that you can be a better part of this humongous world of social media-

  1. Social Networks -These networks basically connect people online. This type of social media offers relatively simple services- they help people to connect online and thereby share their ideas and promote their brands. Their services may be simple but social networking qualifies as the most powerful form of social media today. Also known as “relationship networks”, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn etc also help in market research, brand awareness, customer services, relationship building etc.

  1. Media Sharing Networks- SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube come under this category and are essentially used to share videos, photos, live videos, vlogs (video blogs) online. Audience Engagement and Brand Awareness are two main benefits of this kind of media. Unlike Social networks, media sharing networks basically share media through which brands and services are promoted.

  1. Discussion Forums– Quora, Reddit , Digg are names that are pretty common to us and they qualify as social media that undertake discussions on a certain topic or share important information and media. Discussion forums are one of the oldest forms of social media and one of the basic things they help in, is market research and of course to gain information. Discussions on different topics, from current affairs to political opinions to an array of other types of discussions- are undertaken in these kinds of social media.

  1. Blogging and Publishing Networks– You have a take on a topic and you want to share it with the world- then this type of social media is your forte. Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr are all, types of blogging and publishing networks. Such type of networks is extremely useful when you are looking for publishing , exploring or commenting on content online. It is also helpful for your content marketing campaign as it will help you to earn a large audience base and gain effective traffic.

  1. Consumer Review Networks– To explore review and share information about almost everything under the sun, from restaurants to travel destinations, are what Consumer Review Networks do. Such sites harbor both positive and negative reviews and are extremely helpful to your social media marketing campaign. Positive reviews can boost up your business while through negative reviews you can gain an understanding of your shortcomings and resolve issues with your unhappy customers. Reviews can add a lot of quality to your online content and also helps you gain a lot of traffic.

Apart from these 5 types, there are a plethora of other social media networks that enhance your content in a number of ways. But hey, if you are pledging to become that cool trendsetter in the realm of social media marketing, make sure your knowledge about these 5 types of social media networks is optimal and spick and span.

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