Advance Digital Marketing Course Module And Topic Details

Digital marketing means the promotion and marketing of products and services through digital media. With the emergence of internet and digital media it becomes easier for providers of various products and services to use digital media for promotion and marketing. Also at present times sellers and suppliers are switching to online modes of connecting with their clients and suppliers due to the increasing traffic there. Social media has become integral part of people’s lives, brands, sellers and media agencies all do have social media presence.

It has given rise to Social media influencers and Bloggers as full time working professionals. They make huge money online by promoting products and services through digital media. They earn through Affiliate marketing, Google adwords and adsense, Search engine marketing, Content marketing, YouTube and video marketing, Blog writing, Digital display marketing, Search engine optimization etc. Thus Digital Marketing is a major industry in present times with huge scope of growth and a digital marketing training course can help you become an expert in this domain. There are some major aspects of digital media.

  1. Google Ad Words and Adsense- AdWords is a platform which can be used to display ads on the Google search results page. AdWords depends on PPC that is Pay per click and the advertiser needs to pay only when someone clicks on the ads. It is useful platform to advertise and Google generates a lot of money from AdWords. However if not used correctly the advertiser may end up spending a lot of money.

Adsense  is a platform used by Bloggers and Webmasters to display AdWords on their websites and when someone clicks on these ads a portion of what the advertiser pays  is received by the respective bloggers and webmasters.

  1. Search engine Optimization- Search engine optimization is process with the help of which the number of visitors to a sight can be maximized by using techniques to make the website appear highest in the list of results from the search engine. SEO has emerged as a major concept of digital marketing and there are expert professionals who are hired by organizations, brands and influencers for search engine optimization. A digital marketing training course generally includes topics on SEO and SEO techniques.
  2. PPC and CPC- PPC or Pay per click is the payment received on each click made on the ads found on various search engines. It depends on factors such as type and frequency of keywords. However it is a recurring cost for advertisers in most cases.

CPC OR Cost per click is the costing incurred for each click by advertisers. However this too is dependent on various factors.

  1. Content Marketing- Content marketing is essential part of digital marketing which makes use of online materials such as videos, blog posts, social media posts etc for promoting brands and products. Content marketing is very popular these days and is used by brands and influencers on a large scale for growing their social media base and online traffic. These online materials have to be curated and people are specially hired for this purpose by brands and organisations.
  2. WordPress- WordPress is widely used for designing website frameworks and hosting sites. It is used by maximum bloggers and influencers in present times. WordPress can also be used for other application domains. A digital marketing training course gives an insight into WordPress and its utility.
  3. Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by companies by promoting its products online through individuals and companies as well. Now there are affiliate sites that connect influencers and brands that are looking for affiliates. Thus affiliate marketing is a significant form of digital marketing in recent times.
  4. YouTube and Video Marketing- YouTube is one of the largest platforms for earning money these days. YouTubers can earn money through advertisements in their videos but income from YouTube largely depends on the number of followers. There is a minimum following required on YouTube to start earning money and the amount of payment received depends on other factors such as location etc. YouTube has been taken up as a full time profession these days due to the large scale earning through it from video marketing.
  5. Social Media Optimization and Marketing- Social media optimization and marketing is the technique with the help of which social media traffic can be enhanced. There are many techniques that help in increasing social media following. A digital marketing training course covers the techniques of Social media Optimization and marketing.

 Apart from these Digital marketing has some other major avenues as well. This has emerged as a significant form of marketing that is being used by brands, influencers and sellers. If you are interested in taking up a career in digital marketing or if you want to start your own blog or YouTube channel and want to be an influencer or even if you want to promote your brand or products a digital marketing training course would definitely be beneficial for you. If you are staying locally you can look for some of the institutes providing digital media training courses in Kolkata. But taking a counseling session to find out which digital marketing course would be apt for you as per your requirement is always suggested.

There are both basic and advanced courses each covering different topics in the course module. You should find out which course is suited to your needs and requirements first. There are institutes which will also provide course materials to you. If you are planning to take up a course on Digital marketing you should know that you will have access to a lot of software and skills that help you in enhancing online traffic, growing social media following, various forms of online marketing, WordPress and so on. In order to become a Digital marketing expert you need to know all of this as each has a different utility in the field of digital media. So if you wish to start your dream career as a digital marketing professional start looking for the perfect digital marketing course for you today itself.

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