What is meant by Digital Marketing?

It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million consumers but it took Facebook only 62 days and Whatsapp only 5 days to reach the same number of customers. All this has been possible thanks to the magic of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing can thus be defined as any form of marketing that dominantly uses digitalized or electronic techniques for the promotion and selling of products and brands.

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 Digital Marketing may be both offline and online. Expert says that there are basically two pillars of digital marketing: online marketing and offline marketing.  Let’s travel through the landscape of Digital marketing and explore the different concepts that come under the umbra of digital marketing.


Online Digital Marketing nurtures major categories which are:

Search Engine Marketing: To be visible in the digital market one needs to have proper knowledge about various online parameters. Thus, search engine marketing would refer to the efforts both paid and unpaid in the procedure of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is a part of Search Engine `marketing and is referred to the process of getting maximum traffic and viewer visibility, that is unpaid, through optimizing your web page in web search engines. Focusing on your website with regard to how it shares information with users is the mantra of SEO. The usage of catchy keywords, providing creative content and easy navigation for users, and structuring important backlinks from other realms of your topic are some of the simple ways to optimize your web page in search engine websites.

Social Media Marketing: When your effort for promoting your website and brand is through the more dramatic usage of social media it is known as Social Media Marketing. As a digital strategy, social media marketing uses different kinds of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, news and social blogs etc to promote and share your websites with not only your users but also your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing or as Neil Patel calls it is the art of ‘storytelling’. It, in other words, involves advertising and educating your customer base with basically what they are looking for through marketing your content of the product or website that you are trying to promote in a comprehensive, valuable and creative manner.

Email Marketing: When a corporate or saleable message is sent to a number of people we may call it email marketing. Email marketing is likely to include advertisement, solicitations for business, requests for sales and donations or any such email communications that builds a loyal customer base. Email Marketing is a very effective means of communication that helps not only in promotion and solicitation but also helps you to stay connected with your customer base

Consumer Behavior: One of the most important categories of Digital Marketing is understanding consumer behavior. With the increased involvement in the usage of digital products by humans, it is absolutely important to understand consumer behavior. Consumer behavior may shift depending on the content of certain website, its accessibility, its popularity with regard to other consumers etc. Thus keeping a track of consumer behavior is very important.

Affiliate Marketing: This type of Marketing involves recommending of products or services to other people and thereby getting commissioned for it. It is a pretty widely used form of marketing for the selling and promoting of businesses.

Conversion Optimization: It entails a process of increasing the number of visitors on your website who actually convert into buyers. Optimizing what already exists in your website and thus making it more lucrative by more attention from your existing customers and traffic is the secret to conversion optimization.

Online Reputation Management: Online Reputation Management is a tool for increasing your viewer visibility and reputation through maintaining maximum transparency. Tools for producing the highest level of service to customers for managing your product’s reputation is called ORM.

Web Analytics: Web analytics is an umbrella term that refers to the influence that a website has on its users. Analysis and measurement of that influence helps in optimizing a website.

Thus an overview of these basic categories of digital marketing is important for a deep understanding of the same.

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