Decide on your B.Tech Career prospect available in the technological Industry

It is very important to decide on the career choices you want to go for, after pursuing B.Tech. Just before the end of your semester, you have to be clear with the question “What will you do after your B.Tech?”The selection of what you aspire to be in the future should be done according to the plans and aspirations each individual has. It will be a crucial time for you to decide where your future will be. Here we are compiling certain career option which will help you give a clear picture of how things will be and let you decide what you can opt for doing after completing your B.Tech.

Things you can aspire to do after B.Tech

  1. Go for higher studies-There is many, who want to go for higher studies as it gives an upliftment to their qualification. So pursuing M.Tech after completing your B.Tech can be the next step as it gives a chance to get expertise in the field of technology. In later job interviews, this specialization will be helpful for you. The students of the B.Tech will have to attempt and qualify Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).Top engineering institutes in India provide admission into M.Tech courses by GATE examination which is held once in a year. There is some state which has private universities as well where post-graduation is available to the B.Tech pass outs through its own engineering entrance exams.


  1. Campus Placement: It is one option which many students avail. If you prepare well and apply for the placement which is on campus, there are good chances you get a job. It is of great consequence to attach to those jobs which interest you while keeping in mind the field of engineering you would, later on, want to make your mark in.
  2. Shift over to the Business Side i.e., MBA: It might happen, after completing your B.Tech you feel that engineering never described you truly. There are also people who want to gain knowledge in management in order to equip their chosen career path. In that case, you can consider pursuing MBA. In India Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) has a lot of scopes and thus people pursue this course. It covers a vast area of specialization such as HR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, International Relations, Sales and much more. CAT (Common Admission Test) is the entrance exam that the students will have to qualify for admissions into IITs and other leading institutes. Other examinations are XAT (Xavier’s), NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, TISS, IRMA and more.

Apart from going for higher studies, looking for campus placement or shifting over to business side by doing an MBA you can also go for web design and graphic design course. As in the era of the digitalized world, there is a vast scope for a B.Tech individual in the field of web design and other digital related work. Doing a web design course will give you an additional benefit of both engineering skills and technology.

Web design is a pretty popular activity that more people with creative skills take on nowadays. Having the imagination and potential, going for web design course after your B.Tech is a good idea. You have to be ready to attain certain skills and experience through the aforesaid course. You have to really work hard and learn all the skills taught in the course. With a huge demand of web designer in the I.T industry, the competition is also present. So you have to really excel in the field. It is quite evident to have both fall and success as you start a career in web design. But you have to be strong and keep your feet promptly in the business. Be sure of a great income and many pleasing instances.

The part from making an eye-catching web design and balancing a huge amount of information, the challenge that web designers face involves effectively managing their professional careers. The job of a web designer does not end at building websites that look good; you also have to manage all of the things that combine to form a successful business. From planning and execution to marketing and communication, a web designer has to be astute as well as professional at every step taken.

If you want to succeed in the web industry there are certain characteristics which if you develop with time, would help you achieve success in the web world. Communicating effectively with the clients, project manager and other people in the business plays an important role in developing your credentials as a web designer.

Web designing relates to the design of web pages, websites and web applications. It is a medium used by a digital marketing agency to promote their business and other corporate agencies to market several products to the customers. With the help of using many images, texts, graphics etc a web designer is able to give way to the web pages. Web designer simply sells his creative geniuses through his work. Web designing has been a very dynamic stream for graphic artists and content creators. A web designer should be acquainted with the graphics skill like colour, pattern, texture, etc. You get to learn the features of Web Design while pursuing a web design course. The web designers are more in the requirement in web development and software development companies. It is an essential and significant part of IT. The web industry offers one of the most promising career options.

There is a vast scope of a job for a Web Designer in a software Company. Many multinational companies such as Cognizant, Wipro recruit employee for maintaining their website and also for maintaining the web development activities for Clients. A person pursuing a web design course can work for advertisement Agency or can open his own company and employ people for the development of Web Design. For people who want to transfer their acquired knowledge to other, can opt for teaching in an institute which provides courses for web design.

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