Design fascinating mobile applications for the modern web

Blazing fast mobile applications are what power the modern web. With the growth of industries and startups every day, state of the art mobile applications have emerged with features that even tech giants could not think of ten years ago. For this reason, there is good job prospect in the app development industry and a very good salary at the end of the month. In fact, the rapid development of the applications delivering a plethora of services has attracted students and professionals to learn app designing. We will discuss some of the ways in which one can design fascinating applications for today’s world.

If you are not a computer science student or even if you are, it is necessary to pursue a mobile app design development course to learn how modern mobile apps are designed along with the best practices. The reason behind taking up this course is that though today’s apps look great yet their designs are very complex and vary across a large number of devices. A candidate seeking a foothold in the industry will have to first learn about the various device-specific design patterns that will captivate the visitors. Modern apps are designed with the aim to entice customers so that they return for more and application developers construct designs which bear similarities with their websites. We will now discuss some of the methods with designers can design leading-edge applications for the modern market.

  1. The Grid – A good design for the mobile or the tablet will be possible with the help of the grid. A designer must understand the concept of the grid to be able to create fascinating designs. Therefore this is a very important topic for study.
  1. Spacing – Margins and padding are nothing but the spacing of objects or elements in a screen. The designer must maintain consistent widths and heights along with margins and padding. The designer has to learn the fundamentals of design before diving into the world of apps.
  1. Hierarchy of colour – Proper colouring is extremely important in making a good looking app since the colour value is used to denote purpose. Suppose a button colour is black, then the one next to it or under it should be dark grey and whatever comes next to it should be light grey. This is just one example of the modern design theory. But to understand the designs fully, one has to take up the mobile app design development course which contains in-depth tutorials on design along with theories and applications.
  1. Branding – An app designer should be aware of the brand that he wants to work on. She or he must have other references as a guide while designing the app. For example, if suppose it is an apparel company wanting to launch an app, the designer must study the logo of the company and even the business. The closer the colour and design of the app be with the brand logo, the better will be its design. However, the designer must follow the basic concepts of designing for the app so that it looks good on devices.
  1. Elements other than logos – Logos are not the only elements that make an app look good. The design itself should have to be trendy. In fact, the design of an app needs to be changed after a while so that customers can get new experiences with version updates.
  1. Page title – While designing apps it is important to remember that the design should be entirely viewer oriented and must be simple so that they face no problems in operating them. A vivid example is the use of screen or page titles. As we know that if there is a long list, users have difficulties in remembering or keeping track of the page on which they are. For example, if they are on a page which shows a list of hotels, then the page title must be ‘Hotel List’ or something like that.
  1. Loading screens – When a content of an app is loading it is best to provide a nice looking loading page so that customers do not get bored or confused. With it, animations must be included to make the user interactivity rich and more fluid.
  1. Animation responses – Every interaction should have a feedback. For example, a user action such as swipe or tap must follow with an animation which gives a user the feedback that the process is being executed.
  1. Disrupt sign-ups – Design the app in a manner when a user favourites a post, the login page will appear. This is an additional way to bring more visitors.
  1. Visual guidelines – Windows, Android and iOS have different visual guidelines. A designer must be well aware of the guidelines. There are many operating system specific guidelines that the designer has to follow and those can be found in a mobile app design development course from an institution.

With emerging markets and trends in the modern world, it is necessary to be updated at all times. This principle not only applies to the designing field but in every field. There is a correlation of one field with the other and each one impacts and influences the other in one way or another. For example, an application design will impact the development process and vice versa.

As we all know that the demand for proficient app designers will increase and to be proficient and updated the mobile app design development course is a must. There are numerous institutes and boot camps who teach this course and the candidate interested in pursuing the course must find a good institute devoted to building good designers. We will wrap up this content by saying that practice is an essential part of a learning process and it is required to excel in not just app designing but in any field. Apart from the course, there are a lot of tutorials on the internet such as blogs and videos which one can follow to learn several tips and tricks and techniques. We hope that the journey of an app designer turns out to be successful.

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