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In today’s world, internet browsing has attained a phenomenal growth amongst everyone. Several companies and brands have taken up the responsibility of gaining the basic knowledge of SEO to get a standard position in the market. The basic knowledge of SEO can only be achieved with an SEO training course. There is a scarcity of skilled and professional SEO experts with real time knowledge. Some people have less knowledge of core SEO while some have less application skills. Some people do not have much experience in the methods of link building. For all such minor issues, the only solution is to take up professional SEO training course in Kolkata.

Most of the times it is found that trained SEO professionals are less depended on their jobs. The reason is that they can work as a freelance SEO expert and earn a good sum of money. There are lots of freelancing and consulting options in this particular industry. As the number of internet and mobile phone users are increasing, more and more companies are looking out for SEO professionals who can work independently as a freelancer. It would be cost effective and the productivity would be increased at a great pace. So if the present scenario is taken into consideration, there is a huge demand for expert SEO professionals in this industry. To fill in this space with trained people, we have the best SEO training course. If a person becomes a trained SEO professional, his or her prospects would be limitless where they can heighten their career both professionally and financially.


Many business owners prefer the conventional method of marketing their products and services. According to a recent study, conventional method of marketing yields less business as compared to the digital method of marketing. The reason behind is the increasing rate of internet users. So, in order to get more profitable business, one must know the tactics of becoming a successful digital marketer. Now the question is that how to know about the tactics of digital marketing. The answer is by taking admission in one of the best SEO training courses in Kolkata.

There is another question which might arise in anybody’s mind. What is the importance of SEO training course? It is a good question indeed. The reasons are listed below:

  • Brand establishment– It can be a question in a few people’s minds that why are the famous brands gorging into digital marketing although they have a great brand value. Because that is the exact place where a person can find money. Brand establishment is a very tedious procedure. If a business owner uses the best SEO campaign, then, it would be very easy for him or her to create an effective brand image for the business. A person can give a good competition to his or her rivals- all with the right SEO course in Kolkata.
  • International outreach– Most of the people use internet for availing the best products or services. Now, that is the main place to search for the best SEO course in Kolkata. That is the first stepping stone for a career in this industry. The brand you make will have a global outreach, ones the website has been ranked in the search engine.
  • Target traffic– One must leave everything else and put his or her complete focus on traffic generation. Traffic generation is vital for any kind of business either small or large. To get a proper amount, one must know how to generate the targeted traffic because that will bring in business to the company. Thus, the SEO training course will give an idea as to how to generate the targeted traffic.


  • Fresher
  • Business owners
  • Graduates and Post Graduates
  • Junior Link Builders


We have an updated course syllabus. It includes Search Engine basics, HTML, Semantic Errors and Validation, Keyword Analysis, Onsite SEO, Snippet Markup, Advanced Search Engine details, Blogging, Word press, Landing page, Competition Analysis, Off site SEO, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, CRO training, Website audit and Site recovery.


Students can avail the course whenever they wish to. There is no fixed timing for the class. We have highly experienced and professional industry experts that is they are working in the corporates as SEO professionals. These people can provide the real time knowledge and experience to the students so that they understand the present trend.

Mock tests are conducted on a time to time basis to understand the level of students. Time to time quality check is also done. Doubt clearing sessions are conducted to clear each and every single doubt of each student. Live projects will be given to the students during the course. Those projects would be done under the supervision of our trainers so that if they face any kind of issue while doing the live projects, they will be there to give them the best guidance. This will be helpful for the students’ future because after all these they would find the subject much easier and they will easily solve any kind of issue in their professional life.

We provide 100 percent job assistance after the successful completion of the course. A person, after completing the SEO training course, can join IT firms as SEO professionals, SEO Team Leaders and Online Marketing Managers as well. They can also join as SEO experts in a digital marketing agency. They can also work as freelance SEO experts and consultants. After the successful completion of the course, certificate will be provided. That a person is a certified SEO expert, it can be mentioned in his or her own website to gain more targeted visitors and more conversions to make their business reach a new height. We wish every person all the very best for their future. We also hope that we could clear your doubts to some extent.

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