Excellent digital marketing skills to keep you in demand

According to statistics, there will be a rise in demand for jobs in the digital marketing sector. It is predicted that by 2020 there will be 1, 50,000 digital jobs. So this is a great opportunity for an individual to explore in the digital marketing field. With high potential, there is also a need to acquire skills that will develop your marketing career.

After various research and study, it is been concluded that there are certain digital marketing skills that need to be acquired by an individual to pursue a career in digital marketing. As digital marketing is high in demand.So people are developing digital marketing skills by pursuing digital marketing course. There are both demands for digital marketing-specialist skills and general skills. Companies look for broad digital marketing skills at the manager and executive level. .Although, as the industry is maturing it is separating out more into specific skills areas, such as Content, SEO/SEM, Analytics and Social Media.

There emerged a huge demand for brand management and advertising skills as well as the more technical skills. Below are listed the key skills, responsible for keeping a digital marketer in high demand.

  1. PPC Executive-There is a great demand for Pay per Click (PPC) specialists. It is responsible for bringing targeted traffic to a company’s website. If we put it on a theoretical note, it is very simply trying to get the company’s website to the highest Google ranking possible. But as this involves a high budget and huge competition, getting the right individual for the job is tricky. Excellent maths and strategically skills are required to excel in PPC. You have to take hold of both Google Ad words and Google Analytics to ensure that you can effectively create, optimize and report on results-driven campaigns for your business. The main aim will be to get the most targeted traffic to your company’s website at the cheapest cost possible. It is very important to take a vocational digital marketing course where you will learn about Google Ad words and Google Analytics. You can also look out for and watch PPC webinars and live chats. You can also grind your Microsoft Excel and additional maths skills that will help set you apart in the interview. You can also read blogs on PPC Hero, Inside Ad words, Search Engine Watch (PPC section) and PPC Chat to enhance your knowledge.
  1. SEO Specialist/Inbound Marketer- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just about getting your website found everywhere. As Google’s search matures, businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of applying white hat solutions, like content marketing and guest blogging. SEO is one of the most in-demand skills and it is growing, changing and evolving at a rapid rate. Many recruiters are in search of individual who is skilled in this field. It is very important for an SEO specialist to provide value to the customer and building important relationships through inbound marketing practices. The technical elements which involve canonicalization and XML sitemaps are an important aspect of digital marketing and an SEO specialist must be updated with the latest If you are genuinely interested in SEO you must keep a close eye on the constantly evolving landscape to succeed in this industry.
  1. Content Manager-The most in-demand Digital Marketing Skill is Content Manager. The importance of content marketing became increasingly clearer with every new Google update. There is a high demand for qualified content marketers. The digital marketing managers realize the value of providing valuable content to their customers.

Businesses are finding it hard to find good writers with a set of knowledge of digital marketing. For a writer, who wants to be a content writer, it is of utmost importance to save some time from the busy schedule and learn and practice the digital marketing essentials. You will need to display your ability to create and implement an effective content marketing strategy that can help lead generation and increase engagement and brand loyalty.

According to expert Cecilia Desmond, Recruitment Consultant from Morgan McKinley has noticed a significant increase in the demand for content marketing specialist roles. So to be a specialist in the field you need to develop certain skills. If you join a digital marketing course you will be able to develop skills of writing and content marketing skills.

You can own a blog of your own for free on Word Press.

It is a must to be active and continue building up a presence on Twitter and social media. You can highlight your interest and knowledge of content marketing.

By identifying your area of interest in writing you can write as a guest blogger.

Read these blogs: Copy blogger, Boost Blog Traffic, Content Marketing Institute and Hub Spot.

Learn basic Photoshop skills to increase your hire-ability.

Relevant content which you have written can be published on LinkedIn by means of publishing platforms.

Post your content on targeted LinkedIn groups in the hope that decision makers notice your efforts.

Build up a clear understanding of SEO and social media marketing and how content marketing fits in.

  1. UX Designers & Developers

Demand for technical skills is also at an all-time high – for example, today User Experience (UX) designers have highly sought after. User Experience Designers plan and create the look and feel of a website (or mobile application) to meet the demands, needs, and desires of a brand’s target audience. Businesses are recognizing the growing importance of this role as consumers continue to demand better products and experiences.

Daily tasks are varied but can involve creating wireframes, conducting user testing, creating surveys, analyzing data and sketching out story-boards. It is the responsibility of a UX designer to enhance customer satisfaction by improving the usability, navigation, and ease of a product. They have one goal in mind: improving the user’s path.  If you need to advance your marketing career in today’s digital landscape, gaining the skills is really important. Learning digital marketing course will surely help you in this endeavor.

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