Pay Per Click- Technological Innovation in the field of Online Advertising

The term PPC or better to say Pay Par Click is very much popular in internet marketing. Some people call it as Cost Per Click that is CPC also. A new business tool that is used by the entrepreneurs in order to enhance their business growth. It is not widely used but it is in high demand. Though in business industry the term is quiet known now a day but still not to all. In this section you will come to know about PPC and it its function. Not only that its growing importance in recent market place will also be discussed.

PPC- A Brief Description

It is basically a transaction process where an advertiser pays for his advertisements whenever it is clicked by the web visitors. PPC works through search engines like Google Chrome. It helps to find the right products that are offered by the companies related to the keywords provided by the web visitors. The visit is more valuable in terms of money than the fees paid by the advertiser.

You will understand it better with a simple instance. Suppose the advertiser is paying for Dollar 5 per advertisement. But it is giving you the effect of Dollar 500 sales figure after the visits. So definitely it is generating a huge profit from the advertiser’s side. Therefore the formula for constructing PPC is Cost of the advertisement, divided by Clicked ads.

PPC can be of two types. It can be flat rate PPC as well as bid based PPC. You must be wondering to know about these two types. Flat rate PPC is nothing but an agreement between an advertiser and the definitely the publisher. The amount per click is fixed here. Sometimes the PPC is fixed as per the rate card prepared by the publisher depending upon network area. The content of the page plays an important role in order to attract the web viewer.

In case of bid based PPC the publisher arranges for an auction where the advertisers can compete with each other. In the auction each advertiser bids for the highest amount he or she wishes to pay. This bidding amount is equal to the cost against per click they are receiving from the web viewer. The advertisers always try to win the auction by adjusting their bidding amount.

PPC is largely related to Google Adwords

Before describing the relation between PPC marketing and Google Adwords, it is important to mention what exactly mean by the said term. Google Adwords is an online platform to advertise the products and services offered by the advertisers. These ads are normally displayed in their content copy that is attached with their websites. Adwords is sometimes keyword based and sometimes cookies.

Another option for business expansion is there which is called Pay per Call function. Here the advertisers pay against each call they are receiving from the web viewer. It proves to be a fruitful way as the viewer gets an option to directly call the advertisers before buying the products rather than only viewing their website.

On the other hand Pay Per Click campaign is a structural as well as organized form.  The essentials of this campaign are, Landing page, keyword etc.

Benefits of using PPC Advertising

This section includes the following:

  • The advertisers have full control over the entire system of PPC. In case of seasonal products, you can manage your PPC rate also.
  • For the large production houses, double branding is also possible through PPC Campaign.
  • The PPC ad will help you to serve in your desired location as well as the audience.
  • The system is so flexible that you can manage the duration of the advertisements that are live on web.

Definitely, you cannot ignore the negative effects of using PPC advertisement. Take a look on following details:

  • You need to be skilled enough in order to run the system.
  • There is no guarantee that the viewer will buy our product after visiting your website. That means until and unless the query is leading to the sales there is no question of profit generation which ultimately will lead to wastage of money.
  • The whole process is a time taking affair.

Therefore it is suggested before making any decision try to keep in mind the above mentioned points. Hopefully, it will be helpful in a long term way.

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