Some Terrific Designing Blogs to Follow

You are the “next big” Graphic Designer. You have your skills, expertise, and knowledge all in place. What is amiss is your knowledge about some of the most popular graphic designing blogs that rule the Internet.

Having a proper knowledge about designing blogs hence, should be at one of the top ranks of your priority list. Simple reason, if you want to be the who’s who of graphic designing, you got to know of some of the famous blogs that conjure magical designs and bewitches the online world of designing.

Moreover, if you want your own blog, you should know that it takes quite some time for a blog to be well established and be popular among netizens. Thus, it is all the more important for you to follow these blogs.

There are a zillion of graphic designing blogs, that can be found in the net but finding the most worthy ones can be a little difficult.

Let’s look at some of the most popular and terrific graphic designing blogs around.

  • CSS-Tricks– Created by Chris Coyier, CSS- tricks is a blog loaded with information regarding graphic Designing. From trick and tweaks to informative articles, CSS- Tricks is a great blog to get your information in.
  • SitePoint– SitePoint is another terrific Graphic designing blog, that teaches you a whole lot about Graphic Designing. They sell a lot of great books that are very informative and detailed on any topic related to graphic and web designing. There is also web forum which you can sign up for and where all your questions get answered.
  • Creative Bloq– From web designing to 3D and animation, this blog covers all of it. They essentially showcase articles for inspiration but they also have information regarding how to make articles. They are publishing articles constantly and are always mastering designing styles.
  • DesignModo– If you are looking for a great source of inspiration and how to write articles this blog is the place for you. This blog is easily navigable and the site layout is spick and span. The blog is also very responsive to any queries that you may have.
  • Web Designer Depot– This blog is a pretty cool blog to follow, if you are a designer. From Word press plugins to Photoshop tutorials, if you are looking for quality content, this is the place to be. WebDesigner Depot is truly an excellent depot for that enriched and trustworthy information you are looking for.
  • Noupe– Created by Michael Dobler and based in Germany, this blog offers a great place for designers to stay updated with the latest design trends. Web development, photography, inspiration showcases- this blog offers it all. This is one stop to stay forever in trend.
  • Abduzeedo- This is basically an inspiration blog, so when you are looking for inspiration, make sure you find this blog. Developed by Fabio Sasso, this blog covers quite a few tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator as well as case studies and interviews from a number of designers.
  • Line25- This blog also harbors some great articles that you can put to use. If you are searching for something related to web designs, Line25 is a great platform for you as it delivers great articles.
  • SpeckyBoy– This is another very good Platform that covers everything from mobile design to graphic design to photography. Developed by Paul Andrews, the blog’s articles are pretty great and has a huge fan following.

Thus these are some of the amazing web blogs among an array of others that you should most definitely follow. Following these amazing Web blogs can not only end as an inspiration for you but can also inform you extensively.

Hence if you want to be that terrific designer, then pull up your socks and follow these blogs that will definitely enrich your designing skills.

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