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In this digital age blogging is now a very popular concept to discuss. It has created viral effects not only on professionals from related and different field, but also on students. They are considering it as references, meeting various chatting sessions based on several topics that are discussed in it, continuously following the attached videos and all. But there are very few students who actually write blogs. May be they are lacking in understanding the basic concept of blogging activities. Therefore what should they do? Should they leave the dream to be a blogger or just follow others? This said article will reveal the answers against those questions. So let’s start it.

To be a blogger first of all you should know that writing a blog is an art. It is an art of creativity. Many people posses the quality in born and many others acquire it. So in order to acquire it they need to know the technical aspects of creating a blogging site and related content. It is therefore mandatory to describe what does a ‘Blog’ actually mean.

Concept, definition and History of Blogs

A Blog is a web page updated on regular basis with new information.  The origin of the said term belongs to the English word ‘weblog’. The said term was created by Jorn Bargar in the year 17th December, 1997. The word weblog was the combination of two separate words like ‘we’ ‘blog’. This very concept was developed by Peter Merholz in the year 1999 followed by his personal blogging site

The concept of blogging has been emerged in the late 1990s for the users who did not posses technical knowledge of HTML and other programming applications. During the year 2010, the website owners started to allow the web viewer to put comments on their sites with a view to make it different from others.

Blogging is an indistinguishable part of digital marketing. It mainly refers to the concept of promoting the products and services by means of electronic communication. So any electronic devices like computer, laptops, smart phones, tablets that are connected with internet can be a mode to operate digital marketing efforts. Companies are now trending towards social media platforms as they are providing a huge volume of viewers for the purpose of digital marketing. Blogging is one of them. Therefore it is very much necessary for the digital marketers as well as individuals including students who want to share information through blogging site, to get equipped with the technical know how. The only way to get rid of this issue is to adopt any digital marketing training course.

Digital Marketing Training Course

Students can learn one of the following courses based on digital marketing.

  • Professional Diploma Course
  • Advanced Diploma Course
  • Post Graduate Diploma Course
  • Master Degree on Digital Marketing
  • Different Certification and Specialist Courses.


Eligibility Criteria

Students, who have passed 10+2, are eligible for diploma courses. But for the Master degree and Post Graduation courses they need to pass Bachelor Degree in any discipline. Apart from college students, other personnel who are eligible for the course are, small , medium and large business owners, SEM executives, Advertising personnel, Product Managers, PPC Executives and last but not the list Web Developers.

Different institutions are offering different course curriculum depending upon the objective of the course. For an instance an industry professionals who have come to gain additional knowledge about the field will not be offered the courses that are designed for the beginners. Moreover those who are lacking in time, short term courses are also available for them. Whatever may be the course pattern, a well researched digital marketing training course should include the following basic topics for the sake of learners:

  • Introductory session to Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Designing of Website by the use of WordPress
  • PPC or Pay –Per-Click Marketing Adwords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Google Analytics and Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Blog Writing and Blog Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Conversion Tracking


An overview of the course modules

Point wise narration of lessons under the above mentioned topics will give an overall idea about digital marketing training course.

  • Concept of Digital Marketing
  • An understanding of website traffic and leads
  • Strategies for digital marketing
  • How to buy a website domain
  • Knowledge about website technology and language
  • Designing the website using WordPress
  • How to do Website Auditing
  • Knowledge about Adwords User Interface
  • How to create Ad Groups and Text Ad
  • How to meet Bidding Strategies
  • Knowledge about Keyword Planning and Control
  • How to send HTML Email Campaign
  • Creation and Integration of Landing Page
  • Facebook Power editor
  • Placement of product and Payment Links
  • How to set tools for SEO
  • Integration of Web Master Tools
  • Understanding the concept of Search Engine Optimization
  • Strategies for Back link
  • Concept about On Page and Off Page Optimization
  • Meta tags and descriptions
  • Keyword Planning in Blog Writing
  • Google Algorithm Optimization

After completion of each course institutes arrange for online and offline exams. This is required to measure the student’s learning about the course. Those who successfully pass the examinations they are rewarded with certificates, on job training, assistance for placement etc.

It has been seen that after having sound knowledge in digital marketing or better to say blogging techniques, students are not keen to write blogs. In one hand there is no harm in it. But in other hand writing blogs has many beneficial effects on students. Following points will highlight the issue:

  • It provides a greater way of mutual learning.
  • It helps to develop proofreading as well as validation skills.
  • It helps to develop a sense of social responsibility.
  • It helps to improve confidence level to think bigger.
  • As a blogger students can come into contact with several other bloggers and respective blogging sites. It increases their knowledge level regarding outer space.
  • As the blogs are published worldwide and billion and large volume of people follow it, make comments on it, request for more blogging, it motivates the students towards writing and reading.
  • Writing blog is perfect utilization of leisure time for the students.
  • You work will be evaluated by global audience.
  • Students who are thinking of a career in digital marketing, they can add their blogs to the portfolio.
  • Greater thinking ability due to self researched topics.
  • It is easier way to share someone ideas and thoughts.

Digital marketing training course is a great support especially for the beginners. But as said earlier blogging is all about creative thinking. The urge should be generated from insight. Moreover students should have positive outlook towards blogging. You should have respect for other bloggers too because everybody is trying to put something new to the audience. Therefore students who have passion for writing and reading, perhaps blogging is the best options for them.

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