Tools to make your Facebook Marketing easy

In the realm of marketing, Facebook qualifies as an unprecedented platform for marketing. With more than a billion users, a global reach, free creation of pages and a place where you can advertise for any budget, Facebook has no wonder emerged as a leader in online promotion.

As a marketer using Facebook to promote your services you may face an array of problems, which may prove to be an obstacle in your marketing strategy. Some of the problems you may face are:

  • Firstly though Facebook is a pretty easy to use, one where you do not need a degree to figure out its uses; still there are a number of creation and management tools that are not very common to our marketers and hence they are unable to correctly harness the usability of such tools.
  • If you are not very well versed in the language of social media, Facebook advertising may sound and be difficult to you. Though Facebook provides help articles and is quite responsive, learning the whole process for a marketer maybe time consuming and tiring.
  • Finally,your ROI- return on investment, does not depend on superficial numbers like the number of likes or the number of views- but depends upon right kind of devices and tools that help in optimization.

Hence, here are some of the tools that can help you to enhance your skills as a Facebook Marketer:

  1. Google Analytics is a tool to track web traffic. The secret here is to use, this tool in fusion with your Facebook Marketing campaign. Through this tool, you will be able to see exactly which links directed Facebook user to your site and what they did once they got there. It will help enhance your ROI and also determine the effectiveness of the overall structure of the website.
  1. Flow is a tool designed to be audience oriented, that syncs your existing eco-commerce platform and pulls in customer data that allows you to handle your existing customer base more accurately and properly. It allows you, not only, to concentrate on your existing customers but also pull in new customers who share similar characteristics with your customer base and hence explore new prospects and leads.
  1. With essentially real estate in mind the Real Geek’s Facebook Marketing tool was developed. This tool syncs with an external website, brings in bits and pieces of information to create new Facebook ads and saves all the time that you would rather need in manually creating ads. It also has a variety of analytic functions whereby users can differentiate between useful ads and not so useful ones and structure their future strategies accordingly.
  1. Likealyzer is a tool that gives you the power to analyze and inspect the reach and efficiency of your Facebook page. Put in the URL of your Facebook page and the tool, like magic, will instantly tell you about the overall performance of your layout and structure, the degree of activities your page is seeing etc. and probably the most coolest thing about it is, it comes free.
  1. Agora Pulse is another very important tool that helps your skills as Facebook marketer. It’s a cluster of tools enmeshed in one that allows you to link all your social media accounts together, that is, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – all are tied together. So basically monitoring your social activity, publishing and timing your posts, keeping an eye on your competitors etc becomes possible through this tool.
  1. Finally DrumUp is both a social media and a content marketing tool that helps you explore the most efficient and proper and apt content topics that will never fail to impress your audience. It excels as a content research and a recommendation tool and gives you suggestions about your social media campaign in general.

These tools have both pros and cons but you have to understand your aims and goals and use these tools accordingly. Most of these tools are free, so you can always experiment with them and see which works out the best. These tools can help you enhance your ROI and also enable you to exploit all the benefits Facebook has to offer.

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