Ways to make your Website stand out

So you are designing your very own website and your main aim is to make it the best among all other Websites that has ever existed.

Well no one can blame you-anyone building their very own website is almost like having your own child and no matter how many times you have done it before, you want it to stand out every time.

So, basically as a designer and a marketer, you will strive for original and creative designs and also to effectively market them through planned marketing strategies.

Thus, your main aim should be to make your website to stand out- that will happen when you put consistent effort in delivering original and creative work. This will require you to be oozing with creativity, hard work and thorough planning.

Let’s look at some of the approaches you can adopt to make that website of yours stand out:

  1. The overall structure and the layout of your website, is the first significant approach to make your website stand out. It can be adventurous but it can also be a pretty arduous task to undertake as well. Creating a fun and an attractive website with quality content and colorful designs may be a boon to your website. Creating a visual content that is enticing mixed with a beautiful layout can render your website unbeatable. However, take note that in your endeavor to create a crazy layout, you don’t heavily depend on JavaScript, because you may then be encountered with a number of problems that may make your website difficult to access.
  1. Another pretty important approach to make your website stand out is via Branding. This should be a simple thing for you as a Web Designer. Find out the branding guidelines of your clients, religiously follow them and be sure to get a strong grasp of them. Once your clients have wholly embraced the logos and colors, tone them down a little and well, you can be sure that your website will be having a gala time. One thing to remember here is that your clients should have original branding; otherwise you might be at a disadvantage.
  1. Thirdly master your graphic designing skills. Flood your website with attractive visual content that include both textual content and photos to establish a unique visual style- like bees attracted to flowers, you will see how your clients are attracted to your website. After all humans as a species are inclined to first get attracted to what they see. So, if your website has been bejeweled with big images, has used an array of stylistic options; well then ensure yourself that you are good to go.

But hey, make sure, the images you use are not stock images because that will likely overshadow the unique and distinctive features of your website.

  1. Flowing from the last approach, this approach too focuses on the text and content of your Website. The textual content you deliver in your website can play a very important role in making your website stand out. What you deliver as content should not only define your website and your marketing strategy, but also the personality of the audience you are targeting. Keep your content simple- and once your content is incarnate of what exactly your client’s desire then no one can stop you from making your website shine. Also be sure that this approach is a smart and planned one, because convincing your clients and readers to see past your obvious aim to sell your products may be very tricky.
  1. Finally, animation is the last significant approach and will probably inevitably lead your website down the road of success. Humans are visual creatures and if your website harbors pictures that can move; well then no one can stop your website from standing out. However, beware a badly delivered animation can render usability problems, performance problems etc.- hence, make sure your animated content is up to the mark

Thus you can use one of these or fuse all the five approaches- the point is, it will help you to optimize your website and make it stand out. Don’t forget to add the ingredients of fun and determination in your endeavor of designing the website and you will surely blow people’s minds off.

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