Why UX design in apps is Important?

If you are aspiring to become an expert in any kind of app designing, make sure that your UX design or User Experience design is up to the mark.

According to Experts, User Experience is highly important when building or designing anything. The user is basically having an experience when trying to know your app. Thus designing for that cause and leading the user through the whole experience is important, because it helps the user to establish a connection or a relationship with your app.

So, because you are looking to establish a relationship that includes a human being and digital screen rather than a physical being, UX should be at the heart of your designing the particular app.

Hence there are a number of reasons as to why UX is considered important:

  1. UX or user experience is basically about making your users feel at home

 It is about ensuring them that, they are not lost while they experience and that they haven’t made any errors. So as a designer you should aim at designing apps that establish a natural and long lasting relationship with your users. Your aim should be to ease out the “cognitive load while using digital displays”.

What you also need to keep in mind is that UX designs vary when desktop applications and mobile apps are in question. Mobile apps are usually driven by smaller screens, wider usage and more distractions from other apps and notifications. Therefore mobile app design should focus on one thing at a time rather than a lot of options because of their smaller size and increased usage, unlike desktop app designs.

  1. App designs should keep pace with time.

With digitized products used by all generations, the basic approach to designing your app for optimal user experience should not change, but the outcome should be different. That is to say, if you are designing an app for children, everything in the app should be bigger because children, may not be very precise with their touches. On the contrary for adult experience, the approach should be smart and tactful because they are more comfortable with gestures than a whole lot of instructions. Adults will like exploring the apps, and knowing about its details while children need to be guided in simple ways. Similarly, for the older generations, you have to design your app on the basis that they do not have a solid knowledge base about how digital devices work, so apps designed for them have to be more detailed.

 Thus to establish a proper user experience and make people use your app seamless, designing should be done keeping the age group in mind plus the fact that in the 21st century almost everybody, uses mobiles tablets and other digitized products.

  1. Further, make sure that the content that you include within your app design is attractive and appropriate.

 This is because even if you have technical glitches, the right content will do a considerable lot, to help you overcome the handicap of your poor UX.

  1. Flowing from the last point hence, make sure that your app features minimalist designs and a simple user interface- a design that involves modest interactive instructions.

Basically, if you are building an app and more so an app that people put to daily use, make sure that it involves more of intuition and less of thinking on the part of the people.

  1. Lastly, another area that optimizes user experience is the assistance apps.

For instance, designing an app that relies on interface paradigms associated with any social media, where interaction takes place with real life health coaches or travel agents via messaging, chatting or live video chats can take user experience to another level. Such apps, can make the user experience less daunting and more humanized and therefore users find their comfort zone in such assistance apps.

User experience or UX , therefore, is a very important fact to consider when you are designing and building your apps- for only, the experience that users have with your app, can decide the fate of your app- so make sure the design is smart, crisp, attractive, intuitive and user friendly.

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